If elected the following policy will inform and guide decisions and campaigns by Chelmsford Labour Party representatives.

The Conservatives claim to be the party that is tough on crime, but under them we have seen a huge increase in violent crime, and an increase in community tension.

We would look to invest back in the important structures that help to reduce serious crime, addiction support services, mental health support services, education from a young age, summer programmes for young people and a more supportive welfare state.

This would be combined with prioritizing restorative justice, representative and community focused policing.

Crime Prevention

  1. This means investing in our communities, to protect those who are vulnerable and those most likely to commit crime.
    • Review current streetlighting provisions, especially on cycle paths used for regular journeys.
    • Invest in programmes for young people that give them the opportunity to learn and grow.
    • Review current funding for addiction and mental health provision in Chelmsford.
    • Use our Living in Chelmsford policy to create secure homes for those in need


  1. Under the conservatives unsolved crime has increased year on year, with around 90% of crimes going unsolved. We have lost 70 Police Officers and 300 PCSOs over the last 10 years, losing our link to the community.
    • We want to increase PCSOs working to strengthen links and build trust in our local communities. Modern PCSOs who represent the communities they serve and go back to the heart of the role of the police.
    • All officers to attend mandatory and regular training to address their own biases, and to understand their role in the disproportionate stop, search and arrest of mainly Black and Asian men in our city.

Looked After Children

  1. We have a responsibility to look after the children that need to have care provided by the state, too often these children are left behind and forgotten.
    • We want to develop strategies that provide children with stability and ongoing support to enable them to participate fully in society.
    • We want to work with young people to know what they need, and to put them at the heart of decisions made about them.


  1. Drug crimes in Chelmsford have increased over the past 10 years, we need to work to bring this down.
    • Working to encourage the Essex PCC to pursue other measures for the most minor offenses – stopping the cycle of crime from beginning.
    • We will focus our efforts on prevention, and on preventing young people from entering the criminal justice system.
    • Increasing access to treatment for people in Chelmsford.

Domestic Violence

  1. Domestic violence is one of the hidden crimes that is often both underreported and hard to tackle. It is a crime that devastates lives and needs to be tackled in many ways.
    • We will appoint a champion who will be responsible for reducing incidences of domestic violence.
    • Ensure housing providers have a DAHA certificate to meet the benchmark for domestic abuse.

Restorative Justice

  1. When a crime has been committed it is important that the victim feel listened to, and that we are able to bring the offender back into society.
    • We will encourage the use of restorative justice and community management for all people convicted of a non-violent crime.
    • We will lobby to commission training for offenders to help them get jobs and rejoin the community.

We will use council apprenticeships to engage and support ex-offenders.

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